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Writing a Job Description to Attract Your Next Hire

When your company adds a new hire or chooses to fill a vacated position, it is an exciting time. After all, hiring means your business is thriving. Writing a job description is an opportunity for you to pinpoint what skills you are looking for and help you secure the right person for the position.

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Job Titles and Responsibilities

To give a job seeker an understanding of the available position, create a clear title. When creating a job title, think of it as a few word description of the purpose of the position. Also, be sure it falls in line with other roles within the organization. For example, your company could be hiring one or more of the following:

  • Machine Assembler
  • Inventory Clerk
  • Shipping/Receiving Coordinator
  • Fabricator
  • CNC Operator

Next, include a quick overall view of what the company does and what the goals of the organization are moving forward. Follow this with the responsibilities of the job.

Individuals reading job postings crave information about what a workday would be like if they secured the position listed. Including who the hire would report to, what tools they would use to complete their work, and if there is a training program can be helpful. Add in aspects that bring the job description to life.

Then, be sure to list the requirements of the position along with preferred experience that is not required. For example, for a CNC Operator position, requirements could be conceptual skills, experience programming CNC (computer numeric control) machines, and inventory management. Preferences could include the number of years a person has worked within an industry. In short, you want to include which requirements are flexible and what experience is essential.

Benefits and Call to Action in a Job Description

Every person looking for a job wants to secure a better future. While the perks that matter vary from person to person, listing benefits within a description increases the chances of the best candidate applying. Some job seekers are intrigued by professional development opportunities and health insurance, others are interested in retirement packages and casual dress codes. When a person can envision the benefits of an opportunity, they are more likely to act on a job listing.

Close with a call to action, which is simply a phrase that encourages candidates to take the next step. Because essentially, a job description is an advertisement. After laying out the job responsibilities, requirements, and perks, add a statement like this: “Interested? We’re excited to connect with you and encourage you to apply. Submit your cover letter and resume today.”

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