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The Simple Reason to Share Company Values In a Job Description

As a hiring manager, your goal is to attract top talent, but sometimes it is not clear how to find candidates who will seamlessly mesh with your current team. To connect with the right fit, you need a worker who aligns with your company culture. When you share your company values in a job description, you are starting off on the right foot, letting job seekers know what matters to you and your coworkers.

While compensation, benefits, and job perks are of interest to individuals looking for work, many are simply looking for a job that has values they respect. Discuss the type of workers you are looking for with the experts at Staffing Network. Often staffing professionals have the perfect hire to introduce you to.

Attract and Engage Top Candidates 

Including company values in a job description allows employment seekers to self-select based on their personal values, increasing your chances of hiring someone who will be an asset to your company culture. 

Discussing company values upfront also differentiate your organization from others. It shows that while the business may be committed to profits in order to support their workforce and productivity, the organization also prioritizes making a positive impact. 

And many workers are striving to connect their livelihoods with their personal beliefs. For example, according to one report, over four million workers quit their jobs in one month of 2022. But those workers are now reengaging with the workforce, and as they do, they are looking to work from employers who have company values they believe in, organizations where their work has meaning beyond a paycheck. 

Whether you are a hiring manager at an organization that is committed to empowering decision makers, building collaborative teams, or respecting employees and promoting team buy-in, share those values with candidates. Then hires are more likely to stay with the company longer, be more engaged, and be a better cultural match, reducing turnover and increasing employee satisfaction. 

Identify and Showcase Your Company Values

Shifting how you promote your organization may take time. After all, you want to be sure you are identifying company traits and sharing them with the larger community in a way that makes sense and elevates your overall brand. But the time and effort is worth it, as it will connect you with strong hires and support employee retention.

If you could use assistance with your hiring process, there are professionals available to help. Employment experts know how to enhance your organizational brand within job descriptions. Then, you can genuinely share your company values and bring in workers who will use their expertise to grow your business and expand your organizational reacht. 

Additionally, staffing professionals work with temporary hires to help you with daily commitments until you are ready to onboard full-time employees.

Are you ready to discuss ways to meet and exceed your hiring goals? Staffing Network is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with Staffing Network today.

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