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Team Building Games for a Holiday Party

When planning a holiday party, busy managers often decide to simply do what was done the year before. While traditions can be a great way to bond, adding a team building game or two can be helpful as well. After all, the winter months means chilly temperatures and an early sunset. Everyone can benefit from a jolt of excitement and laughter.

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Plan Team Building Games in Advance

Because your goal is to encourage your team to relax while boosting coworker camaraderie, it is helpful to have an agenda for your holiday party in place. If you don’t want to organize all of the games yourself, ask team members for their help. When a few people work together on a celebration, work friendships can flourish.

Here are a few of ideas to get your party planning started:

  • Create a holiday quiz show. Assemble a list of holiday trivia questions ranging from historical tidbits to current popular culture references. Keep score as you play, the winner can receive a gift or a round of applause.
  • Have everyone make their own ugly sweater. Encourage team workers to use fabric paint, pompoms, and patches to make a unique holiday ugly sweater. Everyone could wear their sweaters during the party. Or, everyone could submit their sweater and a supervisor could agree to wear the one the team votes on, whether that one is the gaudiest, brightest, or best.
  • Home scavenger hunts. If you are meeting in person everyone can bring a picture of items on the list they have found at home. For online meetings, teams can do timed runs to find items. Some of the items you could ask them to find include a bathroom item that has yet to be opened, a children’s book, or a board game.

Of course, when creating your event remember that your team members likely have their own traditions and backgrounds. It is helpful to prioritize thinking of quiz questions that are inclusive. Some supervisors promote inclusion by coming up with a few different ideas on how to celebrate and then sending an anonymous poll to the team. When you receive feedback from staff, you know you are on the right track for throwing a fun, social holiday event that everyone will enjoy.

Why It’s Important to Celebrate

Taking time to play team building games and connect with coworkers is an important way to enhance relationships. When team members connect, it can help them work on collaborative tasks together. Team building games promote a productive workplace. Individuals who take pride in their role are an asset to an organization.

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