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Risks and Benefits of Hiring Temp Workers: What Hiring Managers Need to Know

When you work with a staffing firm, you are connecting with a range of services, including temporary staffing solutions. Temp workers, like permanent hires and contractual support workers, come with a few different pros and cons.

To make an informed decision about if temp workers would be a good fit for your staffing needs, talk to the professionals at Staffing Network. Experts are available to help you through the process and walk you through the pros and cons of different staffing choices. 

Some of the Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers

There are many reasons why hiring managers rely on temporary talent to meet their staffing goals, including the following:

  • Increased flexibility. Temp workers allow a business to quickly scale up or down their workforce depending on demand. This can be particularly useful for businesses operating in seasonal industries or those that experience fluctuations due to shifting clients.
  • Reduced labor costs. A cost-effective solution for businesses, temporary hires are not entitled to the same benefits as permanent employees. This can result in lower labor costs as healthcare or paid time off for permanent employees come at a high financial cost for an organization. 
  • Access to a wider talent pool. Staffing firms have access to a large amount of talented and qualified workers, making it easier for businesses to find the right candidate for the job. This can be particularly useful for organizations operating in niche industries or those with specific skill requirements.
  • Less administrative work. Hiring and managing employees is time-consuming and resource-intensive, but when you engage with a staffing firm, the employment professionals can take care of administrative hiring tasks so you and your team can focus on core activities.

When Permanent Hires Makes More Sense

Of course with advantages are disadvantages and some hiring managers find temporary workers are not the right choice. Hiring managers sometimes find that focusing on permanent hires makes more sense of their organization, this could be true for a couple of reasons:

  • Cultural fit. Because temp workers spend short periods of time within an organization, they may not be as invested in the culture and values of a business. Permanent employees are often motivated by a commitment to a company’s mission and relationships within their team, for example.
  • Continuity can be an issue. Temp workers are by definition temporary, so they may not be available for the duration of a project or contract. This can result in a lack of continuity and consistency for businesses which can impact the success of projects in certain situations.

If you have questions about if temp workers or full-time hires make more sense for your organization, talk through your concerns with a staffing firm. Doing business with a reputable staffing firm means you are accessing the professional guidance you need to meet and exceed your staffing objectives.

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