Many Great Temp Hires are Older Workers

If your business is looking for staffing support, you may find your hiring team regularly gravitating toward younger workers. This can be especially true when organizations are looking to gain more tech savvy support. But relying on younger talent for temporary or full-time opportunities can lead to organizations missing out on the benefits of older workers.

Older workers who are exploring temporary work bring a range of knowledge and experience to workplace teams. Plus, since some of these contract workers have already worked a career and know value work-life balance, they are open to work that is seasonal and flexible. They may even prefer to have a month or more off between projects. If you are interested in learning more about how older workers could help your organization grow, connect an employment expert at Staffing Network

Experienced Workers Know How to Stay On Task

While your organization may have a clear training system in place, it can be difficult to impossible to teach someone how to have a good work ethic. Many older workers have been in the labor pool long enough that they understand the benefits of staying on task and doing good work. Because of this, as-needed hires can begin working efficiently the first day, in many instances. This can be particularly beneficial when you need seasonal or temporary support. 

Because time spent working leads to experience, a seasoned worker has focused on tasks before and can make proactive decisions when needed. And it is possible an older worker will have the same level of tech experience as a younger hire, depending on the person and their background. 

Scheduling Flexibly is Common for Older Workers

When it comes to hiring flexible temporary support positions, older workers often have more flexibility in regards to schedules and time commitments. For example, if a person has already retired from a full-time career and raised a family, they may be turning to part-time or temp work for additional income from time to time. This candidate could be ideal for an organization that only needs support two months of the year or a business who wants another person on a specific task one week a month. 

Age diversity can also help to build healthy workplace teams. A range of ages means employees can learn from one another, boosting productivity and production output. If you are in the middle of a special project or have another reason you need staffing support, consider the advantage of a range of hires, from recently graduated individuals to those who have finished careers but are still interested in working. 

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