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Make Follow Up Clear When Communicating with Job Seekers

Because today’s job market is highly competitive, it can be difficult to find the right candidate. But as a hiring manager, there are things you can do to increase your chances of connecting with the right individual. For example, keeping job seekers informed throughout the hiring process can be a game changer.

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Enhancing the Candidate Experience

A positive candidate experience is crucial for any organization to attract and retain top talent. After all, people talk. When a person has favorable interactions with a company, they will tell their friends and family members about it, whether or not they end up joining the organization or not. And job seekers who are kept informed of their application status throughout the hiring process report feeling respected and valued, which enhances their overall experience with the company.

Additionally, clear and consistent communication from the hiring manager shows professionalism on behalf of the business, and anyone who is actively seeking work appreciates timely responses and updates, even when they aren’t job offers.

So as a hiring manager, remember that providing a specific timeline for follow up can help alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty that job seekers often face. This ultimately reflects well on the company as a whole.

Respectful Hiring Supports Retention Rates

Also know that your current team is watching your hiring process as well. When you let team members know when jobs are being posted and share information about the hiring timeline you are putting in place for top candidates, it creates a healthy work environment, one where everyone feels informed and valued. 

Many hiring managers report that setting up a schedule is helpful when they are overseeing the hiring process. For instance, if you meet with a candidate and believe they are qualified to advance to the next phase, be that another interview or an aptitude test, make a note on your calendar to inform the candidate that they are moving into the next round of the hiring process in two or three days. 

Timely communication and making follow-up communication clear is essential as many job seekers are applying to multiple organizations. If you go silent, it is possible a top candidate will opt to accept the offer from another company. Even if you aren’t ready to make an offer, if a candidate knows they are still in the running for a position that could give them pause before accepting another job. 

Clear follow-up communication with job seekers creates a desirable candidate experience, demonstrates professionalism, retains top candidates, and improves the overall perception of the company. While it may require additional effort and time, the benefits far outweigh the costs in terms of building a strong reputation and attracting top talent.

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