Jobs for Recent College Graduates

When you graduate college, it is a time of great excitement and enthusiasm. After all, it is time to put all you have studied to work and build the career you desire. The problem is not all careers start out as planned. Unfortunately, it is common for job hunts to be stalled because of a lack of leads. Then, recent graduates don’t know where to turn.

Thankfully, Staffing Network can help. If you are starting your job search for the first time or an individual interested in changing your career, an entry-level or light industrial position could be a good match for you.

Benefits of Entry-Level Jobs

Entry-level positions can be springboard into an industry an individual didn’t even know existed prior to being hired. Once you land a position, it is an opportunity to not only get paid, but to learn about working within a professional team. An entry-level job can open doors to an entirely different career track.

Also, it is common for employers to prefer promoting within their organizations. For this reason, an entry-level employee may be positioned well for advancement. If a mid-level employee moves to another organization, supervisors may look to promote an assistant who has a history of steady attendance and a good work ethic.

There are also times when a part-time position can develop into a full-time job. Discuss your circumstances with a recruiter. If you need income right away, it is possible there is a part-time job available, a position that can be worked until a full-time opportunity in your chosen field opens up.

How to Start Looking for a Job

While some find employment on job boards, the truth is applying to positions through online sites can be discouraging. Employers often receive far more applicants than they are able to read and assess. Too often, qualified candidates will be passed over because the hiring professional is simply too inundated with information.

Networking is helpful when searching for a job after college. Let people in your life know you are looking for a position. Some connections to contact include the following:

  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Family members
  • Professors
  • Staffing agencies

Stay optimistic throughout the job search process. Individuals may apply for a job or two and then feel discouraged when they don’t hear back. Instead, position yourself for success and remain confident while reaching out to contacts.

Some also find volunteering beneficial while they are looking for work. Sharing some of the skills you developed in college is a way to contribute to your community and gain new skills in the process. Volunteering assignments can also be listed on your resume, skills that will make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.

Are you a recent college graduate searching for work? Staffing Network is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Let our experts help you find the best position for you. Connect with Staffing Network today.

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