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How to Use Online Tools for Employee Development

If you are a manager, you know that your team is only as good as the individuals within the group. Because of this, it pays to have engaged, motivated employees. Everyone on a team benefits when employees are satisfied in their positions and excited about their projects. One way to increase worker involvement is through employee development programs. 

To learn more about how to connect with skilled employees, discuss your staffing goals with the employment experts at Staffing Network. Bringing in high-quality candidates is an important first step. Then, create employment development opportunities.

Training and Employee Development Tools

When you onboard a new employee, it is typical to set aside time for training. You want to be sure they understand their role on the team and are able to consistently and effectively do the work they have been hired to do.

But too often, training stops after a worker is onboarded. Employee development is when the employer and the employee work together to enhance skills. Sometimes this will be hands-on training or classes off site. But if your organization is in the beginning stages of creating an employee development program, know that there are online tools available as well, including the following. 

Coursera. An online learning platform, Coursera offers a range of degree and certification programs as well as content focused on personal development.

Alison. Focusing its content on small businesses, Alison offers general business classes along with degree and certification options. 

Lessonly. This is a popular option for managers who want to create their own courses on a usable platform that quickly shares results, so feedback is timely.

With additional knowledge on your team, it is likely you will see job performances improve. It is all too common for employees to exhibit poor performance because they simply have not made the connection of how to excel in their position. With online tools for employee development, you can cater training to any area where an employee is stumbling, allowing them to gain confidence and job satisfaction. 

Retain Valuable Talent

In addition to an increase in job performance, job satisfaction helps to retain top talent. While Friday lunches and other team building activities are fun perks, actually receiving instruction on how to be good at a job allows workers to experience their own growing potential. And they will be loyal to a company who gives them a sense of ownership in their career as a whole. 

It is no secret that staff turnover is an expensive and time consuming problem for many organizations. But there are supports available. A staffing firm can connect you with quality candidates for short-term projects or full-time opportunities. Then, explore online tools to help you through the training process. And if the worker is an asset, continue to invest in them through employee development initiatives. 

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