Hiring Trends Are Changing Quickly

In the last couple of years, there have been shifts in the labor market. While some of them initially seemed temporary, particularly those in connection with pandemic shutdowns, others have persevered. Adapting to new hiring trends could help you connect with your ideal career opportunity, whether you are looking to land your first job out of school or are hoping to transition from one industry to another.

The career professionals at Staffing Network are up to date on employment trends and know who is hiring now and what organizations are looking to onboard in the coming months. Share your career aspirations with a staffing firm to broaden your professional network.

Interviewing Remotely 

Before the pandemic, remote interviews were the exception, far more job interviews took place in person rather than online. While in-person work has returned, remote interviews remain, particularly when multiple candidates are participating in initial interviews with longer, in-person interviews to be scheduled for final candidates. 

Because this is one of the hiring trends that appears here to stay, job seekers should be prepared to interview in-person or over Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or other video streaming platforms. This means having a digital device that can be relied on and knowing what location in your home is free of distractions, such as household noise and pets. 

Businesses Focusing on Positive Workplaces

Another hiring trend is attracting and keeping talent through the prioritization of a positive company culture. While many of these initiatives benefit individuals who are already employees, you may experience them as a job seeker as organizations have updated the career pages of their websites, making them easier to use so high-quality candidates are more likely to engage with the company’s career center. 

Additionally, to improve staffing levels during crunch times, organizations are leaning on temporary and short-term staff. This allows a business to be more flexible without putting undue stress on full-time employees. For job hunters, temporary assignments can be a great way to earn an income fast, connect with new opportunities, and enhance work experience. 

Data-Driven Decision Making

Analytics is a hot topic throughout the employment sphere. One of the top hiring trends is management teams and organizations using data-driven metrics to inform their hiring decisions. For example, once a manager is aware of how much it is costing an organization to have an unfilled position, which is commonly referred to as a vacancy cost, they may be prompted to reach out to candidates for interviews quickly in order to get that position filled. 

When you are looking for work, an employment expert who is regularly talking to organizations onboarding talent can inform you of what skills are in demand and where you fit in today’s hiring landscape. Talk with a staffing firm to connect with top companies who are utilizing today’s hiring trends.

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