Facebook Is Stopping You From Getting Your Dream Job

Dear Job Seekers,

You would have never thought that the way your Facebook account looks or the kind of pictures you post can affect your chances of getting a job. Job seekers, it is no joke!

According to a survey, a lot of companies have now started rejecting job applications on the basis of social media accounts of the candidates. Before making any move, HR professionals do research about the candidates by having a look at their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Many times these HR professionals won’t even call you to inform you about any job openings if they do not like your posts and pictures on social networking sites. (Also read: 9 Tricks To Increase Your Productivity At Work)

And sometimes you can be rejected in the interview if your profile hints at behavioral misconduct or certain personal affiliations that may be a problem for the company which is possibly thinking of hiring you. So, think twice before adding any pictures of last night’s drunken antics on Facebook from now onwards. You should be aware of the effect of a ‘bad looking’ social media account on your job prospects.

Always remember, just creating a profile is not enough, you need to manage your profile well and make use of privacy settings. Social media can be a very powerful tool to build a personal brand and attract employers.

However, the internet is a two-way street as both the company and the candidate can get information about each other via social net. So, both should be cautious about how they are being portrayed on social media.

According to the survey, 28 per cent of applicants have admitted that what they read about a company online has influenced their opinion to apply for a job.

Experts believe that both employees and employers look for a good cultural fit, so they often go for a Google search. It can inform a recruiter more than what a CV can.

So, candidates should think about how they use each channel for – whether personal or professional – to build a profile for themselves.

Similarly, recruiters should think of the image they are projecting online as an organization. Check out some of our Industrial Staffing positions and see if you’re be a great fit!


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