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Do Micro-Credentials Make a Candidate a Better Choice?

When reading resumes, many hiring managers find candidates listing skills in a format that wasn’t around when they were starting out. For instance, a person may list their micro-credentials.

While it is understood that micro-credentials are, generally, short terms of study that focus on a specific assessment or skillset, there is no official definition. If you are unsure of how to connect with the right hire, or are confused about how talents are being listed on resumes, consider connecting with the staffing professionals at Staffing Network. There are employment experts available to help you build your staff, from crafting a job description to making a final offer. 

Basic Micro-Credential Characteristics

The path to earning micro-credentials is typically flexible as these skill-sharing initiatives are designed to assist a wide range of people, including students, professionals who are looking to increase their earning potential, and hobbyists looking for new areas of engagement. 

Because of this, how micro-credentials are earned varies. There could be in-person meetings, scheduled sessions online, or a blend of the two. How the content is shared and the way the meetings are structured will depend on what is being covered and the hosting organization. 

Many who earn micro-credentials are attracted to stackable micro-credentials, bite-sized opportunities to build on a larger skillset. This can be particularly true of job seekers as it is common for multiple micro-credentials in one field to be more attractive to hiring managers than one in multiple fields. 

Why people engage with micro-credential courses:

  • Accrue knowledge quickly.
  • Fill gaps in their professional skills.
  • Access skills when a schedule won’t allow a return to school.
  • Working toward a larger goal, such as completing an employment qualification.
  • Low-cost educational option.

As with every hiring decision, it all comes down to what you are looking for. If you have a set educational requirement, you may not need an individual who goes beyond that threshold with micro-credentials. That said, micro-credentials illustrate initiative and a growth mindset, which could be advantageous to your work team in a variety of ways. 

Share Your Hiring Goals with a Staffing Expert

If you have recently posted a job online and are now receiving oodles of resumes, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. And some of the resumes may contain information you are unsure how to evaluate. But there are support systems that can help. 

For example, when you work with a staffing firm, an employment expert will carefully listen to your hiring goals, today and into the future. Then, they can connect you with short-term hires you need right now, so you will meet deadlines and stay productive, and keep searching for your ideal candidate for the future. This could be a search for the right candidate for a particular role or a position that does not currently exist but will be created when your hiring budget allows. 

Are you looking for motivated, high-quality candidates to add to your workforce? Staffing Network is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with Staffing Network today.

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