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Can Certification Help Me Get a Job?

Getting your career started can feel overwhelming. If this is true for you, you may be wondering if certification can help you secure a position. The answer is likely that it depends. Tests and classes can be expensive, not to mention time intensive. Before investing in a certification course, be sure the experience will help you achieve your professional goals.

While certification may be needed to start working in the professional field of your dreams, there are other situations when certification is not necessary. If you are ready to pursue work in a new field, connect with an employment expert at Staffing Network to learn about what options are available.

Determining if Certification is Needed

In some industries, certification is not something that can be avoided. Essentially, certifications are granted by boards or associations. They make sure candidates are proficient in a certain field. For example, the following fields may require various levels of certification:

  • Administrative positions
  • Commercial driving
  • Healthcare
  • Information technology

That said, there are times when an employer is willing to work with a candidate who is not yet certified. An employer may allow the person to gain the certification during the first months of employment. Or there may be a program within the organization that provides certification.

But in other situations, it doesn’t matter what certifications or awards you have. Instead, a hiring manager may be focused on your experience, portfolio, or your willingness to earn a new trade. 

It is important for you, as an individual, to weigh the expense and time required to pursue certifications on your own and determine if that energy and expense will pay off.

Finding a Quality Program

If you are interested in becoming certified, know there are a wide range of programs to choose from, and some are more reputable than others. Be sure to do your homework and select a program that will help you in your chosen profession. 

To find a program, ask individuals who work in the field you are pursuing. If someone in your family or social circle works in the profession, let them know you are looking at certification programs and get their feedback. Current employers can be a great resource as well. And if you are not yet employed, an employment professional at a staffing firm has information on what fields are hiring and what qualifications those organizations are looking for. 

Then, before signing up for a program, be sure it fits your lifestyle. If paying for certification is an issue, consider working a temporary position to save up for the program. Or, look into companies that offer on-the-job training. Options are available, set yourself up for success and only sign on to a program that fits your needs. 

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