Call References Before You Make an Offer 

When you need more staffing support, you may connect with potential hires through a job post. And that initial contact could lead to great conversations through the interview process. But before you make an offer, you need to check references. 

Performing reference checks is one of the many steps to hiring the right person for the job. And hiring the right individual can save you time, money, and stress for months and years to come. Because let’s face it, bad hires can have a negative impact on company culture and can be a drain on your organization’s bottom line. Thankfully, there are staffing professionals who can introduce you to temporary hires and long-term employees who are pre-screened and ready to work. Talk to the employment experts at Staffing Network to learn more. 

What to Ask During a Reference Call

One of the reasons why hiring managers resist calling references is they are simply unsure what to ask. Or, they may have already decided they like the candidate and are worried if they do more research they will discover information they do not like. 

When calling references, view it as an opportunity to verify the information supplied by a potential hire on their resume and through the interview process. For example, the following questions could give you more insight into if a person was honest when they spoke about past positions and what impression they left after leaving the organization. 

Sample reference call questions:

  • What were the responsibilities of this person when they were on your team?
  • Did you see this individual show initiative in their role?
  • When did you hire the person and why did they leave the position?
  • If given the opportunity, would you hire this person again?

Because reference checks happen toward the end of the hiring process, the call to former bosses is not about the nuts and bolts of a candidate’s skill set. Instead, call references when you are close to making an offer. Checking on references is a final verification that the candidate will be an asset to your work family. 

It’s OK to Take Your Time

If you aren’t sure about a candidate, it’s ok to slow the hiring process down. For instance, many organizations find it helpful to bring people in as short-term hires before extending an offer for a permanent position. Then, they can determine if the individual enhances the work of an entire team. 

Writing a job description, posting a position, reading resumes, interviewing, and checking references takes a lot of energy. When your time is tight, consider building a relationship with a staffing firm. Employment experts have ongoing relationships with high-quality candidates who are available for short-time work or full-time positions.

Do you need to onboard more staff but aren’t sure how to get started? If you are not comfortable interviewing job seekers and checking references, there is help available. There are professionals who can connect you with pre-screened candidates. Staffing Network is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with Staffing Network today.

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