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Are You Going to Lose Your Job? 10 Warning Signs

When changes are happening at work, it is common for employees to worry about their jobs. For example, sometimes poor earnings and budget cuts lead to layoffs. And even when a company is fiscally healthy and growing, there can be cutbacks when there are departmental changes and priority shifts.

If you are worried you will lose your job, consider speaking with professionals who can advise you on who is hiring should you find yourself looking for work. Doing so can help you to feel in control of your career, whether your workplace downsizes or not. And talking to a career expert at Staffing Network today could introduce you to new opportunities for the future. 

10 Indicators You May Lose Your Job

  1. Reduction of hours. If your full-time job is suddenly part time, it is a sign your position may be less important to the organization than it was in the past.  
  2. Leadership wants to change processes. Restructuring could lead to combined positions, altered job titles, and job loss.
  3. Other positions are being cut. If you have heard of individuals being furloughed from teams or know of employees being laid off, more job cuts could follow. 
  4. An acquisition or merger is being discussed. When one company is acquired by another, jobs may be eliminated. For instance, if each company has a purchasing department, the possibility that there are redundant positions is high. 
  5. You are no longer getting along with your manager. Conflict could be an indicator of your position being on shaky ground.
  6. Email and meeting invites have stopped. If you were involved in many meetings and message threads but now find yourself excluded, it could be an indicator of team plans that do not include your position. 
  7. You have been receiving poor performance reviews. Negative reviews are something to take note of, if you have received a poor review at work, calmly talk to your supervisor about how you could improve your performance. 
  8. Documentation has increased. When there is a lot of human resource documentation, and the notices and write ups aren’t positive, this gathering of paperwork could be part of the process of letting you go. 
  9. Fewer projects are being assigned to you. If you don’t have much work to do, or significantly less than you used to have, reducing your position to elimination could occur.
  10. You’ve been told layoffs are coming. Whether you were informed casually over a friendly lunch with your boss or the information was shared at a formal meeting, if you are told there will be layoffs, don’t ignore the news.

Strategically build your professional network when experiencing job loss concerns. Then, you will know there are positions waiting for you in case you are let go. A great way to begin these relationships is to reach out to a well-established staffing firm, such as Staffing Network.

Are you scared of being furloughed, laid off, or fired? Focus on what you can control, talk with professionals who can help. Staffing Network is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with Staffing Network today.

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