5 Skills to Help You Land a Light Industrial Job

If you are looking for work, you have likely seen listings for light industrial jobs. Similar in some ways to large-scale manufacturing and distribution, light industrial companies are in the business of producing and distributing products. The difference is the work is done on a smaller scale. Often the items produced are a piece or part of a larger product.

A light industrial position could be in charge of assembling, packaging, or preparing items for shipment. The assigned tasks will depend on the needs of the organization. Some of the skills employers are looking for range from attention to detail to a willingness to learn. If you are looking for a light industrial job, Staffing Network can help.

Problem Solving Abilities

In many light industry workplaces, it is beneficial for employees to be adaptable and open to problem solving. While doing one job well is a start, if you are able to adapt to new roles as projects change you may be an ideal fit for a light industrial job.

Also, depending on the position, it can be helpful for you to have critical thinking skills and reasoning abilities. Being able to solve unexpected problems and challenges is rewarded. Critical thinking is an asset because if the job is in shipping, for example, you are able to determine the load amount of shipments and have the spatial reasoning to understand how much of a product will fit into a designated space.

Detail Oriented and Organized

Because the working environments of light industry companies can be busy and active, employers appreciate workers with organizational skills. Which makes sense, because if a worker is paying attention to detail and is able to keep their work area organized, it means their supervisor doesn’t have to spend time and energy overseeing only one of many employees.

Plus, when an employee is organized they are keenly aware of any changes, meaning a production issue will be noticed and remedied quickly and effectively. Being a team player is also helpful. Then, when a problem is noticed, you can alert team members and work together to pivot production.

Show Up at a Light Industrial Job Ready to Learn

Once you secure a light industrial job, show up to work willing to learn. Employers may want to move workers around within a business, so workers who are willing to jump into a new position and acquire another skill could thrive within a light industrial workplace.

When your job is the right fit for you, you can excel and grow within a team. If you are a job seeker who likes to problem solve and stay organized, a light industrial job could be the ideal match for you.

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