What If a Job Applicant Doesn’t Respond?

If your organization regularly fills positions, you have likely experienced a job applicant who disappears. Some do not show up for job interviews while others secure a position and then fail to show up on their first day. This can be frustrating as the hiring process takes time and open positions can slow down productivity.

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Candidates Disappear for a Variety of Reasons

As a hiring manager, you may wonder why a job seeker would put forward the time and trouble to apply for a job only to disappear. Of course, there is no one answer to why people fail to respond after sending out an application or going through the interview process. Some reasons could include one or more of the following:

  • Receiving another job offer and deciding it’s a better fit
  • Deciding they want to work in a different field
  • Pivoting to offers with higher salaries or more benefits
  • Losing interest after a long hiring process

A slow hiring process can lead a candidate to feel they are being ignored. Then, when they do eventually hear back, they may have lost interest in the position. Or, they have become more interested in another position because that hiring manager was excited to bring them onboard without delay.

Of course, there are other examples of hiring managers moving swiftly and landing on a candidate who has simply changed their mind. Job seekers may not want to communicate a change of heart. Yet, communicating effectively is always recommended for both potential employers and candidates. After all, while there may not be immediate consequences, people remember when individuals ignore inquiries. Not responding to people can impact future opportunities.

How to Keep a Job Applicant Interested

While you can never be sure of the specific reason a job applicant does not respond to your emails or phone calls, there are a few things hiring managers can do to fill open positions with  high-quality candidates.

  • Reduce the amount of interview rounds
  • Keep candidates informed of where you are in the hiring process
  • Work with a staffing firm to achieve desired results

Healthy relationships in the workplace rely on trust and transparency, and the same holds true for the hiring process. So, being timely and respectful are paths to keeping an accomplished job applicant engaged.

If you are an employer who feels they have lost time and resources due to candidates disappearing or not responding, consider working with a staffing firm to secure quality employees. Working with a respected staffing firm can help with filling positions and talent retention.

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