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5 Reasons to Gather Resumes During the Holiday Season 

November is a time to enjoy the changing leaves and begin to prepare for the holiday season. While part of this is planning your social calendar and family events for Thanksgiving, holiday parties, Christamas, Hanukkah, and other celebrations, there are also things you can be doing to fortify your work team for the New Year.

Many mistakenly believe the holiday season is a time to pause hiring efforts, managers may assume nobody is filling out applications or sending out resumes during this time. But in reality, recruiting during the period between Thanksgiving and New Years has many benefits. To get your hiring plan launched, connect with an employment expert at Staffing Network.

Start Your First Quarter Strong

When you connect with candidates during the holiday season, you can onboard talent, possibly training them during a slow period, and start the first quarter of the year staffed up and with confidence. And it’s important to note that great candidates are applying throughout November and December. Ambitious job hunters do not stop looking because of the month, they continue to reach out.

Everyone May Have More Flexibility

Because schedules shift during the holiday season, it may be the perfect time to bring in candidates for interviews and, if you find the right one, begin the training process. For instance, your management team may have a reduced meeting schedule that would allow for more interviews. And if candidates are working in another job, there may be an increase in opportunities to interview as hours could be reduced for the holidays at their current place of employment. 

Leg Up On Your Competition

Some businesses will be less productive during the holidays due to staff travels and personal commitments. This means you can scoop up top talent while the managers at a competing business are sending out-of-office automatic responses to every resume that comes in.

Give Yourself Space to Make a Decision

Because the business climate is impacted by holiday celebrations, try not to have unrealistic hiring deadlines. Instead, simply know that all the work you are putting in now will make January and February smoother. If you are in a situation where you have a lot of open positions, actively interviewing many candidates could be in your best interests. But if you are hoping for one specific hire, a few casual conversations now could lay the groundwork for a more in depth interview process in the New Year. 

People Are Available to Help

Staffing professionals and others in the employment industry do not freeze activity when the holidays roll into view. A staffing expert will take time to sit with you and listen to your recruitment goals for the next year and into the future. Then, they can introduce you to pre-screened candidates who are ready to work when you need them.

Do you have questions about how to connect with high-quality candidates during the holiday season? Staffing Network is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with Staffing Network today.

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