4 Things About Finding a Job New Graduates Need to Know 

Graduating is an exciting time of life, and as you prepare to get your first job out of school, you may be unsure how to get started. If you have questions about how to connect with a job that will build your career and provide you with a well-deserved income, talk to an employment expert at Staffing Network

Your First Job Is an Opportunity to Build Your Skillset

One of the great things about entry-level jobs is they can be learning opportunities. For example, you could spend your first year out of school earning an income through temporary positions that can give you insight into what field you might enjoy long-term. Many new graduates work in contract or temp positions before agreeing to onboard as a full-time hire.

Meeting New People Can Introduce You to New Ideas

As you provide staffing support to an organization, it can also be beneficial to take note of others working around you. For one, meeting people at different levels of the company may introduce you to a type of work you had never considered before. Additionally, you could discover a position that you believe you would enjoy that you didn’t learn about in school. That position could become a new career goal for you as you gain more experience.

New Graduates Should Clean Social Media Accounts

If you have been using social media throughout school, you may have found it to be a useful way to share funny stories with friends and connect with fellow students for meetups. But new graduates seeking employment need to remember that anyone online could see your accounts. Best practices include changing your profiles to a private setting. Platforms you are keeping public for your job search, such as your LinkedIN profile, need to be updated and maintained. 

Try to Keep an Open Mind and Be Flexible

Feeling anxious about applying for jobs is normal, but resist the urge to blanket the area with applications. Instead, target your search to the jobs that match your training and talents. If a hiring manager at an organization notices you are applying for a job in every department, they may not perceive you as a serious candidate. Rather than rush through five applications, create a targeted cover letter and resume for the job that would be the best fit for you. 

Building a career is a learning process, and as you get started remember to be flexible and have fun! It is normal to be stressed at points, all new graduates experience a bit of nervousness about the future. But there are support systems in place to help you secure a job. For instance, share the particulars of your experience and career goals with an employment expert at a staffing firm. They may have a job waiting for just the right hire, and that hire could be you.

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