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4 Manager Myths About Temp Staff 

If you are a hiring manager who has never worked with a staffing firm, you may shy away from the idea of temporary workers because you have heard myths about temp staff. But in reality, more and more workers are choosing temporary employment arrangements, and there is a high number of hard-working, talented people who have decided to make flexible work a priority. 

Myths about temp staff:

  1. Temp workers are only available for a short period of time.
  2. It’s more cost effective to maintain your own talent pool.
  3. Individuals who pursue temp work are less qualified.
  4. If a manager connects with a talented individual, they can’t hire them.

If you are in need of staffing support, discuss your recruitment goals with an employment expert at Staffing Network. You may be surprised at how helpful and affordable temporary staff can be. 

Truth 1 – Short and Long-Term Temps Are Available

One of the myths about temp staff is that they can only be used for a short period. But as long as your organization needs support and the worker is available, the temporary placement can continue for weeks, months, or even years. Long-term temps could be moving from one role within an organization to another. Or, sometimes there are temporary workers who choose to take summers off to spend time with their families but are committed to working during the academic year. Each situation is unique, and there are no set limits to how long a temporary employee can remain within an organization.

Truth 2 – Temporary Staff Can Be Cost Effective

While there is a fee connected with working with staffing firms, it can still be the most cost effective staffing solution for your organization. If you take the time to tally the costs of recruiting talent and managing payroll responsibilities, you will quickly see that managing your own temporary talent pool will come at a high cost. Outsourcing staffing support can be great for your company’s bottom line. 

Truth 3 – Many Temps Have Work Experience

People who choose to pursue temporary employment have a wide range of work experience. There are workers who have years of experience and want to use their talents to earn an income while still enjoying more flexibility than they would if they were employed in a full-time position. Others are new to the workforce and are eager to transform their educational experience into a work history. 

Truth 4 – Transitions to Permanent Hires Are Possible

If a temporary employee wants to secure a full time job and your organization is interested in creating a position, a staffing firm can smooth that transition. The experts at Staffing Network are here to help you with your long-term recruitment goals. 

Is it time for you to stop listening to myths about temp staff and make a move toward consistent, quality staffing support? Our experts have solutions. Staffing Network Is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with the Staffing Network today.

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