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3 Ways Resiliency Can Support Your Job Search

Let’s face it, looking for a job can be daunting. Particularly if you are unemployed and need an income right away. But it is important to focus on positive self-talk throughout the process. Putting yourself down can reduce your confidence, and confidence can be a key factor in being considered the best candidate for an open position.

Three possible strategies that could help you land the right position for you include adjusting negative thoughts, surrounding yourself with positive people, and tracking your progress as you navigate your job search. To learn more job search tips and to connect with new opportunities, share your goals with an employment expert at Staffing Network today.

Participate in Positive Self-Talk and Move Forward

If you have been feeling negative about your job search, take a moment to recognize when you are participating in negative self-talk. It happens to everyone from time to time, but being stuck in a negative cycle of thinking will not help you land your dream position.

When you identify negative thoughts, take a moment to replace them with more positive language and remind yourself that resiliency can support your job search. For example, instead of beating yourself up over not formatting a resume correctly in the past, remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes. See it as a growth opportunity. Spend some time fixing your mistake and move forward.

Change isn’t always easy, but thinking positive can be contagious. When you surround yourself with positive people, it can make a difference. Or, if you are not living near your positive loved ones, find a way to bring them into your day-to-day life. You could add motivational messages that remind you of others to your desk. Or hang inspirational photos around your home to drive you to keep working toward your personal goal. 

Resiliency Can Support Your Job Search, Along with Connections

Another way to support your job search is to track your progress. Keeping track of positions you have applied for and individuals you have talked to about potential opportunities can be a valuable record. Even if you have yet to land the position you want, looking over your progress can help you to recognize how much work you have put in and how much progress has been made.

Also, when you connect with a person who knows who is hiring, your job hunting can change from taking what’s available to choosing between positions. In fact, temporary employment is an ideal way to try out different roles. Then, you can add skills you learned within those temporary assignments to your list of skills.

Learning how to build resilience is learning how to move past difficulties. Yes, looking for a job can be stressful. But when you focus on your own personal growth, you can also be proud of all you have learned along the way.

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