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3 Ways a Growth Mindset Can Help Your Job Search

Job searches happen for a variety of reasons. But whatever your reason for a change, a growth mindset can help. After all, change can be difficult. This is true if you have made the choice to change on your own accord or if someone else made the shift for you. Routines can help an individual feel safe and secure. When habits are broken, it can be unsettling.

The good news is you can make a choice to embrace change and be open to new possibilities. A growth mindset can help you to land the perfect job, and it may be in an industry that is new to you. Temporary and contract employment opportunities give you the freedom to try new things. Talk to an employment expert at Staffing Network to learn more. 

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Recent studies have found that some individuals have a growth mindset while others have a fixed mindset. Essentially, a fixed mindset means a person believes in talent as a natural gift while a person with a growth mindset will believe in the possibility of talent being developed through a mixture of good decisions and hard work. 

When you foster a growth mindset, you can put energy into developing the results you want. This can be particularly helpful when you are going through a life change, such as starting a new career or changing your place of employment. 

3 ways a growth mindset can help:

  • Openness to networking and connecting with others.
  • Accepting opportunities to learn new skills.
  • Excitement about improving your resume.

All of these elements can be part of your growth process within contract positions. When you work in temporary positions, you are meeting new people and adding items to your skill sets, and it all happens while you are earning an income.

Even if you ultimately want to land a full-time position, moving through a few temporary assignments can teach you a lot about any new qualifications you may need to secure your dream job. 

Think About What Success Means for You

While you are cultivating a growth mindset, think about what success means for you. When it comes to a job search, success is not the same for everyone. When you know what you are aiming for, it can be easier to achieve your goals.

When you connect with a career expert, share your goals so they can help you pave the career path you want. This could be a mix of short-term goals and long-term plans. For example, in the short term making income as fast as possible may be necessary but you may want to secure a full-time job in a particular field later. Sharing these goals means an expert can get you working in a temporary position quickly while you take your time looking for a long-term fit. 

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