10 New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers

As the calendar turns, resolutions for job seekers can be helpful for individuals desiring a career change in the 12 months ahead. Focus your effort on securing a new position with the following tips. If you are looking for more guidance, connect with an employment expert at Staffing Network.

#1 Look Into Opportunities

You likely already have a skill set to share with an organization, look at job descriptions to see if your skills are a good fit for any available positions. There also might be opportunities to explore new positions that offer on-the-job training, which can also help to grow your resume for future job placement.

#2 and #3 Update and Organize

Next, take time to refresh your documents. There may be new experiences to add to your resume. Or maybe the language can be honed to more clearly describe the job tasks you have mastered. Aligning your resume with the job you are applying for is advised.

To effectively make updates, consider organizing the area where you will be conducting your job search. Keep your desk or tabletop clear of clutter so you can easily access any material you need.

#4 Consider Social Media Posts

If you are vying for a promotion or looking for a new job, keep your social media posts professional or update your share settings so only close contacts can see your personal posts.

#5 and #6 Network and Reach Out

Let people in your social circle know you are looking for work. It can also help to reach out to people who you do not know personally. For instance, you can create network connections through professional organizations. Or reach out to a hiring manager to ask about the status of a job you applied for, let them know you want to be sure your materials were received successfully.

#7 Get Ready to Interview

As you are applying for jobs, begin preparing to interview as well. Consider what you will say and how you will convey past accomplishments. You can even participate in a mock interview with a friend or family member.

#8 and #9 Resolutions for Job Seekers Include Staying Healthy

This is #8 and #9 because prioritizing health means caring for both your physical and mental health. It is common for people to become discouraged when they do not obtain the result they want during a job search. Remember to care for yourself and recognize things take time. Eat healthy and exercise. Practice mindfulness.

#10 Track Your Progress

One way individuals can buoy their mood when job hunting is to track their progress. Set goals for yourself, whether you are tallying the number of contacts called or resumes sent. Measurable goals lead to positive feelings and job success.

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