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Where to Turn When You Need a Job Quickly

There are many reasons why people work. They do so to connect with others, enjoy a sense of stability, and feel good about contributing to the overall success of an organization. That said, it is also true that a common incentive to work is because people need money.

If you experienced a job loss or if your personal expenses are rising, you may have realized you need a job quickly. How long a job search takes depends on business cycles and industries, but there are ways to proactively connect with the income-producing job you need. One way to get the process started is to connect with the professionals at Staffing Network to learn about short-term gigs and long-term positions. 

Have You Connected with Your Network and Used Online Tools?

Money can be a sensitive topic, but when you reach out to your network you don’t have to talk about needing income quickly. Instead, simply let friends, family, and neighbors know that you are looking for work and that you are available if they know of someone who is hiring.

While social connections can lead to professional advances, there are also people who have more luck when they use online tools, such as updating your LinkedIn account to let your contacts know you are open to job leads. This approach allows you to leverage the support of your friends and former co workers who are on the platform as well as their wider reaching connections. 

And even people who are active online and enjoy robust social lives may find it takes them longer to find a job than they would like. If this is true for you, consider freelancing or working temp jobs while you are looking for your dream job. Then you will have an income coming into your account, monetary support that could help you in avoiding accepting a position that is not the right fit, solely because you need money. 

Can Your Skills Transfer to Another Industry?

Sometimes looking for a new job is an opportunity to transition to another industry. If you take time to look over the skills you have developed in past positions, you may be able to transfer some of those skills to another field. Additionally, this will open new places to get hired, expanding your search.

For example, if you worked in customer service in the past, explore highlighting skills in communication, problem solving, and collaboration. And if your customer service experience involves interactions with software, you may be able to connect those skills with positions in sales and marketing or healthcare. When you need a job quickly, don’t overlook skills you already have that can be utilized in another industry. 

Were you recently laid off? If you need income fast, connect with a staffing firm. There are professionals who can introduce you to immediate employment opportunities. Staffing Network is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with Staffing Network today.

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