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What Is Redeployment?

When it comes to the workplace, redeployment is a term connected to moving an employee from one role to another. Moving employees internally can be a great way to fill vacancies while saving money on recruitment. And, for some organizations, redeployment can help to promote an adaptable staff and positive company culture.

If you have vacancies at your organization and could use help determining if you should fill positions through redeployment or onboarding temporary workers, discuss your recruitment goals with an employment expert at Staffing Network.

Promoting a Positive Work Culture and Protecting Your Brand

One of the reasons managers turn to redeployment is to maintain a positive company culture. After all, if you have an employee who is excited about the organization, you want to keep them onboard. Even if one team becomes redundant, promising employees can be relocated to another area in need of support. Workers that are trained in a few different skill sets can help the organization stay adaptable and competitive. A well-trained, fluid staff is an incredible asset for a company. 

Making this fluidity a priority can also help to protect a company brand. When a shift in projects or goals leads to restructuring, layoffs may be discussed. Layoffs can result in hurt feelings. If a former employee shares negative information with others in the industry, it can lead to recruitment issues later. Instead, giving them another opportunity internally can build trust rather than break bonds.

When moving staff within an organization, it is important to share clear expectations with employees. It should not be assumed they understand what a new role will mean for them. They should be given a detailed job description to review and be given time to ask questions. For instance, it is possible they will have questions about how their skills will translate from one job to another.

Supporting Staff During a Redeployment Process

In some instances, skill support will be part of the transition process. This could include bringing in temporary staff to help manage daily tasks while redeployed staff is being trained on new tasks. 

A positive redeployment process will result in staff being committed to the success of your organization. Plus, there will be a cost reduction due to recognizing job redundancies and boosting opportunities for key employees. Also, when staff members feel they have been moved to a stronger position, they may take more pride in their work. 

If you are unsure how to successfully restructure your staff, reach out and discuss your concerns with an employment expert. Staffing firms have years of recruitment experience and have trained temporary workers ready to give your company the staffing support it needs while instituting a redeployment strategy. 

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