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Teens and Recent Graduates Can Be Great Hires

If you are having trouble finding the staff you need, it may be time to consider teens and recent graduates. Some of these job seekers have flexible schedules and are willing to be trained on skills needed to help your company flourish. 

Whether you are looking for temporary workers or permanent part-time employees, younger candidates could provide your business with the support you need. Connect with an employment expert at Staffing Network to learn more.

Advantages Include Energy and Enthusiasm

When you onboard younger workers, they can supply your workplace with a boost of energy. Teens and recent graduates can be eager to learn new skills, approaching their work tasks with enthusiasm.

Also, many teenagers have schedules that can help to provide staffing support when your workplace needs workers for seasonal or project work. Often younger workers are open to working as contract workers or part-time employees while many older adults crave full-time employment. 

A range of ages in a workplace can lead to higher levels of productivity. Particularly when seasoned employees provide solid guidance and constructive feedback. Then, teens and recent graduates can take that direction and perform their work tasks with a fresh energy that some long-time employees may lack. 

Connecting with Teens and Recent Graduates 

Every hire, regardless of age, is only a good match if they are a good fit for your organization. Many job seekers turn to temporary employment or seasonal work to simply make some money and try out a range of industries. For individuals who are leaving school, there can also be a desire to gain work experience. 

Work experience is an important part of building a career. If there are skills to be learned at your place of work, teens and recent graduates may be excited to connect with your organization. This includes specific work tasks, communication and teamwork opportunities, building professional connections, learning how to share information during meetings, or an introduction to the hierarchy of an industry. Then, younger workers can begin building their career plan, all while earning an income.

Some workplaces even choose to work with individuals on building their career. For example, you can ask a young hire what skills they want to develop. While the daily tasks of the position may not include that particular skill, a workplace can provide small opportunities to help them work toward their personal goal. That way, the employer-employee relationship is mutually beneficial. 

To find the right hire for your team, connect with a professional staffing firm or ask current employees for referrals. When staffing support is needed quickly, posting a job online or going through other forms of employment advertising may take too long. When you need someone as soon as possible, an employment expert or a personal referral is likely your best bet. 

Are you open to hiring teens and recent graduates? Staffing Network Is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Our experts can help you find the best person for your company. Connect with the Staffing Network today.

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