How Do I Know If I’m Overqualified? 

Having experience when you are looking for work is, overall, a good thing. But there are also situations when candidates are overqualified for a job, leading them to wonder if they should apply at all. And if they do, will they be seriously considered for the position.

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Meeting and Surpassing Job Requirements

Typically a job description will have a listing of qualifications. If you find that you have more experience than required for every item on the list, you are likely overqualified. This could be an issue if you are hoping to learn a lot in the position and move up within the organization.

But if you simply want the job and believe the organization would be a nice place to work, you may be willing to take a job that doesn’t require a lot of reach for you. But it is important to recognize that you may become bored or restless. For this reason, some who are looking to work in a job they are overqualified for, to earn an income for a set period of time for instance, may find that a temporary position is the right path. 

You Are Accustomed to Having Responsibilities

Additionally, there are situations in which a person is overqualified because of the hierarchical level of past positions. If you are used to earning a higher amount than is being offered and managing a team rather than reporting to a manager, you are likely overqualified. 

Everyone needs to weigh the pros and cons of what does or doesn’t work for them, professionally and personally. While breezing through an interview and aptitude test can be a confidence booster, accepting a full-time position that is not the right match will only lead to issues later down the road.

Consider Temporary Positions

There are a range of situations that lead to a person feeling overqualified for advertised positions. If you have been out of the workforce for a few years, it may be difficult for you to know where your skills fit within a business. Or if you need to earn an income quickly, you may be willing to accept a position that is below your experience level to begin receiving steady paychecks. In both of these situations temporary positions could be an optimal solution. 

Do you wonder if your extensive work experience is an asset or a hindrance? There is a good fit for everyone, whether you are looking for a position where you can grow or simply want a sense of security. When you are looking for work, an employment professional can help. Staffing Network is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with Staffing Network today.

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