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If You Want to Retain Gen Z Talent, Try These 5 Ways

Individuals born between 1997 and 2012 are commonly referred to as Gen Z, and this group has brought their unique characteristics and aspirations to the American workforce. 

To connect with these motivated hires and retain Gen Z talent, talk to an employment professional at Staffing Network. Experts are available to help you with your staffing needs, such as exploring the following five effective ways to engage Gen Z talent.

1 – Offer Professional Growth Opportunities

While they are the youngest group of the country’s workforce, Gen Z individuals are driven, many of them have a desire for personal and professional development. Because of this, there is a value on continuous learning and opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge. 

Within your organization, consider implementing mentorship programs, offering regular training sessions, or providing access to online courses and certifications to provide young workers a clear path for career progression.

2 – Embrace Workplace Flexibility

Flexibility is a must-have perk for a lot of workers who prioritize work-life balance. If possible, your workplace can offer remote work or flexible hours. Or, you can embrace bringing in staff for short-term assignments. Young workers may prefer temporary jobs, it allows them to balance income-earning work with projects they are pursuing. And for the employer, they are able to onboard additional staff for larger projects while still saving resources during slower times of the year

3 – Foster Inclusivity and Diversity

Known for their commitment to inclusivity and diversity, Gen Z workers gravitate to workplaces where they can be themselves without fear of discrimination or bias. If you have a workplace culture that celebrates differences and actively promotes individuality already in place, you are in a good position to attract young workers. If you feel your organization could use improvement in the area of diversity, consider establishing inclusive hiring practices and create employee resource groups (ERGs) to show your commitment to building an accepting workforce.

4 – Prioritize Social Responsibility

Referred to as the activist generation, Gen Z are passionate about social and environmental issues and largely choose to work for organizations that promote these values. Engaging in meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and communicating your efforts with all staff members in a way that is transparent could result in Gen Z feeling their work contributes to a greater purpose.

5 – Embrace Technology and Innovation

Gen Z individuals have grown up with technology, so they are highly adaptable when it comes to new tools and platforms. When your workplace is equipped with the latest technology, it allows Gen Z talent to contribute ideas that improve organizational efficiency, which will both enhance  job satisfaction for young workers and drive productivity in your organization.

Are you ready to add some Gen Z talent to your team? To keep your staff at a level that promotes long-term success for your organization, connect with Staffing Network, a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with Staffing Network today.

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