How Do I Prepare for a Video Interview? 

There was a time when video interviews were a rarity, but now they are common. Virtual interviews are a tool for hiring managers to screen possible candidates before bringing them in for an in-person discussion. Like other parts of the interview process, a strong performance at a video interview requires preparation. 

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Have the Right Device and Connection

Because a video interview relies on technology working smoothly, take time to be sure you have everything you need. For example, use a device you are familiar with and could troubleshoot with if necessary, such as a laptop or tablet you use daily. If you are going to borrow a device from a friend or family member, familiarize yourself with the device before the interview. Additionally, see to the following:

  • You’ll need a good internet connection. If your home internet service is spotty, consider another location that has a reliable connection for your conversation.
  • Charge your device. Keep your device plugged in throughout the interview or check that it is fully charged before getting started. 
  • Check camera and audio. Again, use a system you can rely on. Some choose to wear headphones and use an external webcam, others feel comfortable with the camera and audio features within their phone, tablet, or computer. 
  • Know the platform. If you regularly use FaceTime, do not assume that means you know the ins and outs of Zoom. Use the platform you will be interviewing with before the date of the interview. 

And even when you are prepared it is possible there will be a technology glitch. Because of this, many choose to share their phone number with the hiring manager before the interview, letting them know they can be accessed via phone should an issue occur. 

Background and Lighting for a Video Interview

While it is likely you can wear the same outfit you’d wear for an in-person interview to a virtual interview, dressing for a camera requires a few subtle shifts. For instance, you will want to avoid bright hues, busy prints, and flashy jewelry, which can be distracting on screen. 

For lighting, sitting opposite a window is optimal, but floor and desks lamps can create pleasant lighting, too. Try to avoid a bright light source behind you. Test your background and lighting in the days prior at the set interview time as window lighting can change based on the time of day. 

Additionally, set up a quiet space for the interview and use a neutral background. Pick a place where you will not be interrupted. Have your resume and a piece of paper and pen nearby, in case you want to jot down notes. Other than that, strive to have a clear table or desktop and set your phone to silent. 

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