Are You a Hiring Manager Who Could Use Seasonal Support?

If your organization needs additional staff during certain times of year, working with a staffing firm and planing ahead could help. Hiring seasonal help is common. For this reason, if you put off hiring for too long, you may be surprised by how competitive the hiring climate is.

Part-time, contract, and full-time workers are available. To learn more about how to connect with talented candidates, talk to an employment expert at Staffing Network Hiring seasonal help doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead, prioritize recruitment and retention to meet your seasonal staffing benchmarks.

Different Types of Seasonal Employees

A kind of temporary work, seasonal employment is when workers help an organization during set times of the year. There are a variety of situations where managers seek to onboard seasonal workers, including the following:

  • Weather-dependent businesses, such as landscapers.
  • Production facilities that create products for seasonal events.
  • Companies connected to a time of year, such as tax season or a sport schedule.
  • Businesses that are open only for certain months, such as downhill ski destinations.
  • Retail work that is required to meet expectations during the holiday season.

While a lot of this work is part time, there are situations where managers are interested in hiring full time seasonal help as well. 

If you look back over past work calendars and notice staffing levels are consistently low during a set time of the year, explore bringing in seasonal help. After all, if it has happened several times, it is likely to happen again. Planning ahead can help to reduce stress and boost the employee morale of permanent employees.

Recruitment and Retention When Hiring Seasonal Help 

Giving yourself a bit more lead time can help with recruitment. This gives you room to maneuver if staffing takes longer than anticipated. Because if the busy season hits, you may find yourself unable to schedule in the time needed to interview qualified candidates for short-term positions. 

And because there can be competition for seasonal employees, when you find great workers, think about how you can motivate them to return for the next season. Doing so reduces recruitment costs for next year. Also, it gives you peace of mind, knowing you’ll be staffed up sufficiently for upcoming seasons. Small perks, such as discounts on products or flexible scheduling, can be helpful when larger incentives aren’t possible. 

Of course, there are times when planning in advance is simply not possible. If this is true for you, consider working with a staffing firm. A staffing firm already has quality candidates screened and ready to hire. Plus, the firm handles a lot of human resources paperwork, including payroll taxes, unemployment requirements, and workers’ compensation. Employment experts streamline introductions and smooth the process of parting ways. 

Have you noticed a need for seasonal support at your business? Staffing Network Is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Our experts can help you find the best person for your company. Connect with the Staffing Network today.

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