3 Ways to Attract More Candidates In a Tight Labor Market

You’ve likely heard people talking about the tight labor market, meaning the economy is close to full employment. This can make it difficult for businesses to find high-quality hires. And if you are a hiring manager, you know how important it is to acquire and retain top talent. 

Thankfully, there are ways to attract more great candidates, even when there is fierce competition. A few strategies include sharing the benefits of your organization, making it easy for candidates to find you, and working with the employment experts at Staffing Network

Share the Advantages of Working at Your Organization

When you have been working somewhere for a long period of time, it is easy to become so familiar with the pros and cons of your workplace that it can be difficult to spell them out. But when you take time to outline the personality of your business, it will be easier to convey the company culture to potential hires. 

Some of the information you may want to share in a job post or during the interview process:

  • Number of current employees
  • Information about the work environment and company culture
  • Employee benefits and advancement opportunities
  • Work-life balance and additional employee perks

For example, maybe the team you are hiring for has the option of working eight-hour shifts five days a week or 10-hour shifts four days a week. The second option may appeal to a working parent or a person who has a long commute. So making this information known could result in more applicants to choose from.

Once you have a clear vision of why candidates should choose your organization, consider sharing career opportunities and quotes from employees on social media. You want to show off what makes your place of work unique and desirable. 

When Hiring, Keep the Candidates In Mind

Additionally, look through your hiring process from the viewpoint of a candidate looking for work. If your business has a career page, is it up-to-date and easy to navigate? Can people apply online?

And once you begin to connect with candidates for interviews, do what you can to move the process along quickly. After all, it is possible they will be receiving offers from other companies. Early interviews could be conducted online, for instance, shortening the time it will take to get to the final round. 

Connect with Hiring Professionals During a Tight Labor Market

Another way to connect with rock star candidates is to always be recruiting, but it is common for managers to not have the time to constantly be updating job descriptions and vetting potential hires. Thankfully, there are support systems available to help. 

If you are hoping to onboard new hires and are worried about the tight labor market, connect with a staffing firm. Employment professionals will help you with your recruitment goals and guide you through long-term hiring plans. Then, you won’t have to start from scratch every time an employee gives notice. 

Have you been struggling to fill positions in the current labor market? Staffing Network is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with the Staffing Network today.

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