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How to Prepare for Temporary Assignments

As a recent graduate, a career-changer, or someone seeking additional income, preparing for temporary assignments can set you up for success. While it is expected that it will take some time and training for you to settle into a short-term support position, there are practical tips that can help. Talk to the employment experts at Staffing Network to learn more.

Research the Company and Develop a Flexible Mindset

Before starting any temporary assignment, take the time to do a bit of research. This can be as simple as reading over the company website in order to understand the company’s culture, values, and mission. If you have questions that arise while you are doing your research, for example if you were planning to wear a professional outfit but notice in the website photos that workers are dressed casually, reach out to the staffing professional who connected you with the assignment and ask for clarity.

Also prioritize going into the opportunity with a positive outlook. The attitudes of each worker impacts everyone on a team, so while it is normal for a temporary staff member to be a bit nervous, deciding to have a good attitude can yield professional results.  

A flexible, positive mindset will make you a valuable asset in your current assignment and leave a favorable impression for future opportunities. Be open to new challenges, diverse work environments, and different team dynamics. Embrace changing conditions and new tasks in order to demonstrate your ability to adapt to various situations. 

Prepare for Temporary Assignments by Seeking Feedback

On every temporary assignment, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from colleagues and supervisors; it ensures you fully understand your role and responsibilities. Accepting feedback and using it as a tool for continuous improvement will strengthen your career trajectory. 

When you prepare for temporary assignments and successfully complete a role, it makes you more marketable to other employers seeking temporary staff. Focus on developing skills that are transferable across different industries. 

Additionally, many temporary workers create a portable work kit that they can carry from assignment to assignment. This could include essential work items such as a notebook, pens, a USB drive, and any tools specific to your industry as well as personal items, including lip balms and a snack to have at break time. Having a well-prepared kit ensures that you can hit the ground running on day one of your assignment, demonstrating your readiness and professionalism.

Success in temporary assignments requires a proactive and adaptable approach. By researching the company, cultivating a flexible mindset, preparing a portable work kit, and seeking feedback, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the challenges of short-term employment. Then, you can move forward with confidence. 

Are you nervous about showing up at an unfamiliar workplace? There are staffing experts available to listen closely to your career goals, connect you with work opportunities, and help you prepare for temporary assignments. Staffing Network is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with Staffing Network today.

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