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How Do I Find Short-Term Staff Quickly?

If you need to increase your workforce quickly, you are not alone. Many businesses find themselves understaffed when faced with sudden work demands or seasonal spikes. Some teams have former workers who are willing to jump in on a short term basis, but others are unsure where to turn in order to connect with temporary staffing support. 

The employment experts at Staffing Network can introduce you to short-term hires promptly and efficiently. And once you develop an ongoing relationship with a reputable staffing firm, it is common to rely on these relationships to smoothly maintain your operations during workload shifts.

Define What You Need and Tap into Your Network

One of the first steps to finding short-term workers to help when you are understaffed is to define exactly what kind of support you need. To start the process, write up a detailed job description that outlines the qualifications and skills you are seeking. 

Next, reach out to current staff members and others in your professional network to let them know you are looking for temporary support staff. A lot of referrals could come from colleagues and industry professionals, contacts that will lead you to qualified candidates who can assist when you have immediate assignments. And if you aren’t sure who to ask or have already asked and are still not staffed up, share your needs with a reputable staffing firm. Seasoned firms are skilled at pairing pre-screened candidates with companies who need to hire fast. 

In situations where you have multiple referrals but you aren’t sure who to bring in as a short-term support, consider if one or more of the candidates have transferable skills. In many instances, a temporary worker will not be an exact match but they will have relevant experience, and this similar training means they can quickly adapt to new roles and hit the ground running, increasing team productivity. 

Clear Expectations and Maintaining a Talent Pipeline

Providing an overview of the project’s expectations and timeline once you have connected with a temporary staff member is best, because then your temp worker will be able to recognize the specific tasks you need completed, rather than guess what work needs to be done or how it should be completed. 

It is also important to remember the value of maintaining relationships with staffing firms and temporary employees. Putting a bit of time and energy into keeping up the talent pipeline can save you copious amounts of time and stress later, because then you have qualified candidates on deck whenever your workflow demands it. Begin a relationship with a staffing firm today to facilitate quick staffing solutions tomorrow. 

Do you want to be introduced to talented workers who can help you with your short-term staff needs? Partnering with a reputable firm and clarifying your job descriptions are effective ways to expedite the recruitment process. To learn more, connect with Staffing Network, a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in light/skilled industrial, engineering, and operations professionals. Connect with Staffing Network today.

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